Curated Livestock Fibers

The Finest Livestock Fibers

Situated along the rolling foothills of the northern Colorado Front Range, our ranch basks in plentiful sunshine and solitude and we focus on one thing:

We raise North American Paco-Vicuña™, domesticated camelids that were introduced to the U.S. in 2002. Paco-Vicuna are selectively bred to exhibit the best fiber traits of their wild vicuña ancestors. They combine the wild vicuña’s unique softness, fineness, and high curvature with the staple length and gentler temperament of the alpaca. When compared to alpaca, PV has additional softness and lightness without sacrificing warmth. Stephen is currently V.P. of the North American Paco-Vicuna Association Board of Directors, a non-profit organization devoted to developing and promoting the North American Paco-Vicuña breed™.

If you are interested in the highest quality hemp or Paco-Vicuna fiber you can imagine, we are here for you